Endemic birds
Endemic bird

Yellow-eared Bulbul   Pycnonotus penicillatus


Sinhalese - Kaha kondaya, Guru Kondaya
Tamil       -

Yellow-eared Bulbul

This is another endemic bulbul. It is about the same size as a Red-vented Bulbul but fuller plumaged. Its distinctive black and white head markings and yellow ‘ear tufts’ makes identification easy. Both sexes are alike in appearance.

This is primarily a hill bird found only above 1000 metres but is not really common below 1300 metres. Above this elevation it is a familiar and pleasing sight in our hill stations. It inhabits forest, well wooded areas, gardens and orchards. The species usually moves about in pairs but parties congregate where food is plentiful. It is a very active bird which moves about looking for the insects and fruit on which it feeds. It is very fond of the fruit of the wild yellow raspberry which grows in the hills. The call is a pleasant, musical weet, wit wit, wit wit, usually uttered on the wing which is easily recognizable when once heard. A low crr, crr alarm call is also uttered.

The breeding season is from March to May with a secondary season from August to October. The nest is more substantial than most other bulbul nests, being larger and more solid. It is constructed with moss, lined with fine ferns, rootlets and placed in a small tree or bush about three to five metres from ground level. Two eggs are usually laid which are white or pale pink in ground colour heavily blotched with reddish purple or reddish brown and underlying markings of lavender.


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